Lake Trout Telemetry Data Now Available

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) has a website showing information collected from hydro-acoustic tags implanted in lake trout in Yellowstone Lake.

The hydro-acoustic transmitters implanted in adult lake trout help to document movement patterns in Yellowstone Lake.  “This will assist with active netting activity and identification of spawning areas that can subsequently be targeted for embryo destruction. These data are critical for expanding management options for suppressing invasive lake trout,” according to the website.  The image above shows the location of the numerous hydro-acoustic receivers arrayed across the lake.  When a fish implanted with a hydro-acoustic transmitter comes within 500 meters of one of these receivers a signal is received and recorded.

Idaho Trout Unlimited is the official sponsor of Lake Trout 189.  Click on the link at left to see a list of months where data on this particular fish has been downloaded.  Check out September 2012 to view what appears to be a rather active month for this fish!  The animated depiction of the signals picked up by receivers lasts one minute.  It is best viewed when enabling the full screen option on the viewer.

A number of other lake trout transmitter tags are sponsored by TU Chapters from across Idaho.  Information on those fish is posted on our official Save Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout page.  Other important updates on this project are posted on that page.

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