Third Annual Fly Casting Tournament

The 3rd Annual Fly Casting Tournament is set for May 11, 2013, at Eagle Island State Park, sponsored by the Ted Trueblood Chapter.


Casting judge Bob Caldwell keeps an eye on the target circles at the 2012 Fly Casting Tournament

The cause remains the same: conservation of the South Fork Boise River wild trout fishery.  And you can participate by entering a team in the event.  Visit the Tournament web page here.

A day of competition and camaraderie begets conservation. The success of the first Fly Casting Tournament in 2011 contributed the funds that made possible the completion of the Pierce Creek reconnection to the South Fork of the Boise River. A culvert is gone, a new steel bridge crosses Pierce Creek and wild trout have access to tributary spawning habitat.

The 2nd Annual Fly Casting Tournament in 2012 kick-started the focus on flow management of the South Fork Boise River and in late summer 2012 the first assessment was made of the effects on juvenile trout and on the macroinvertebrate community when the river flows are decreased. Results from this work will be released this summer.

Work will continue in 2013 and following years to assess river flows on fish stranding with the goal of finding a flow management that can improve the fishery.


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