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Welcome to the new online home of the Idaho Council of Trout Unlimited.

Idaho contains some of the most important habitat for several native trout and salmon species such as the Yellowstone cuttroat trout of eastern Idaho, redband trout across south Idaho, and westslope cutthroat trout and bull trout in the remote mountains and valleys of central and northern Idaho.

And then there’s the anadromous species of chinook salmon, sockeye salmon and steelhead that spawn in the relatively pristine waters of Idaho before they migrate to the Pacific Ocean.


Idaho is taking steps to protect the remaining stronghold habitats for these native resident and anadromous trout and salmon. A Federal regulation adopted by the Secretary of Agriculture directs the US Forest Service to protect about 90 percent of the remaining roadless areas on National Forests in the state ­­ about 8.8 million acres of 9.3 million acres. Wild and native trout will greatly benefit from this rule.

Save the Yellowstone cutthroats. Learn more about this project here.

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